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Saturday, January 21, 2006


The Secretary of Homeland Security said on fox news that while dissent is "enshrined" as part of our democratic society, making the claim that the Bush administration led the congress and the public to war in Iraq "under false pretenses" is "beyond the pale" and "should not be tolerated".

I recently recieved an e-mail from some who hold an opposing viewpoint:

Al Gore indicted the Bush administration’s "unprecedented claims to a truly breathtaking expansion of executive power." Speaking of Bush’s domestic spying program, he said that "what we do know about this pervasive wiretapping virtually compels the conclusion that the President…has been breaking the law repeatedly and persistently." Gore gave four compelling reasons why we are in for "something more than another cycle of overreach and regret."

And he said this: "If the pattern of practice begun by this administration is not challenged, it may well become a permanent part of the American system."

Can you come to grips with this and NOT act? Can you know the truth of what is going on and NOT do everything you can to build the BUSH STEP DOWN protests planned for January 31 and February 4?

Shakespeare said that there is a tide in the affairs of men. With the Alito nomination, the wiretap scandal, and the new crisis with Iran, that tide is now raging. Bush will try to use his State of the Union address on January 31 to turn the current decisively his way. If there are not thousands and thousands saying BUSH STEP DOWN at the tops of their voices, he may well succeed. For us to fail to act is to invite disaster.

On the other hand, to act now – to take up the challenge – could make all the difference. There is a tide, but that tide can be turned.

If we don’t want the future that the Bush regime is jamming down our throats, we can do something about it. There are millions who are agonizing. Reach out to them. Now. Volunteer. Donate. Be there. Join us.

The world truly cannot wait. BUSH STEP DOWN.


The International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration will be holding its second session Jan. 20-22 in NYC at Riverside Church (Friday & Saturday) and Columbia Univ. Law School (Sunday). The first session offered shocking evidence of the scope and depths of crimes this regime has committed. Just watching the highlights from its DVD (available at bushcommission.org) will both horrify and compel you to do everything to stop what is being done in our names.

The Commission has indicted the Bush administration on 5 counts: 1) Wars of Aggression, 2) Torture and Indefinite Detention, 3) Destruction of the Global Environment, 4) Attacks on Global Public Health and Reproductive Rights, 5) Knowing Failure to Protect Life During Hurricane Katrina. It brings together powerful testimony from the victims of this regime to experts and activists, to defectors from the regime, and applies rigorous standards in prosecuting its indictments. Witnesses include: Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, former head of Abu Ghraib prison; Craig Murray, resigned British ambassador to Uzbekistan; Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector, Ray McGovern, ex CIA.; Katrina victims...and more.

Everyone who can should come to NYC Jan. 20-22 for this historic tribunal, and spread the shocking truth about this regime to everyone you can.

Check out more about this Commission and statements from participants below:

Indictments Alleging Crimes Against Humanity Served by Citizens’ Delegation on Bush White House with letters to Alberto Gonzales and Harriet Miers.

Delivering a Powerful “J'Accuse” -- Right in Bush's Brave New “Homeland” by Larry Everest

Interview with Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, formerly in charge of Abu Ghraib prison, now a participant in the Commission

More available at bushcommission.org, including a DVD from the first session, radio PSA's, and schedule for the tribunal.


If You Want the Bum IMPEACHED...

There is no doubt that Bush has committed “impeachable offenses.” There is no doubt that millions of Americans – and tens of millions of people in other countries! – would jump for joy if he were to be impeached.

Impeachment, in short, is one way that this regime full of fascists could be driven from power.

Yet not a single Democratic Senator has stepped up to the plate on impeachment. People can debate why this is so, and should – and some of that debate is in the articles on this site. The question we address here is how to change the political equation in this country so that Bush is forced to step down.

To do that, there must be a political demand coming from the grassroots. There must be thousands, and then millions, in the streets demanding that Bush step down – and that the country change direction. “Power,” as the one-time slave and famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass once said, “concedes nothing without a struggle.”

Without such struggle, there will be no impeachment. And without that happening soon, the momentum that currently exists to oust Bush will dissipate, and even the new outrages that have come to light will take on a patina of “legitimacy.” Millions must be awakened to the scope of Bush’s crimes and the danger of his agenda bringing need for him to go!


Nationwide demonstrations are set for January 31 – the night of Bush’s State of the Union address – to be followed by a massive demonstration in Washington, D.C. on February 4. The demand? BUSH STEP DOWN.

If you want Bush to go – if you want to see him impeached – this is where the gauntlet is. Here. Now. Pick it up.

The world can’t wait for there to be more Abu Ghraibs and Alitos. The world can’t wait, lest the controversy over Iran turn into another unjust war, perhaps even more horrendous than the one still raging in Iraq. It can’t wait as the Bush regime claims more and more unbridled power – power to spy on people, to imprison without charges, to torture – without even going through the motions of obeying the law. For more theocrats to be put into positions of power – including in the military.

Get involved. Donate. Organize. Spread the word. And be there.

The world can’t wait.


Monday, January 16, 2006


Published on Monday, January 16, 2006 by CommonDreams.org
Ted Koppel: "Natural Fit" at NPR News and Longtime Booster of Henry Kissinger
by Norman Solomon

No doubt many people are glad that Ted Koppel will become a regular voice on National Public Radio. He recently ended 25 years with ABC's "Nightline" show amid profuse media accolades. But what kind of journalist goes out of his way to voice fervent admiration for Henry Kissinger?

Days ago, NPR announced that Koppel will do several commentaries per month on "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered." The Associated Press reported that "he also will serve as an analyst during breaking news and special events."

There's some grim irony in the statement issued by NPR's senior vice president for programming: "Ted and NPR are a natural fit, with curiosity about the world and commitment to getting to the heart of the story. The role of news analyst has been a tradition on NPR newsmagazines and there is no one better qualified to uphold and grow that tradition than Ted."

But "the heart of the story" about U.S. foreign policy has often involved deceptions from Washington. And since Koppel became a prominent journalist, he has been a fervent booster of one of the most prodigious and murderous deceivers in U.S. history.

"Henry Kissinger is, plain and simply, the best secretary of state we have had in 20, maybe 30 years -- certainly one of the two or three great secretaries of state of our century," Koppel said in an interview (quoted in Columbia Journalism Review, March/April 1989). Koppel added: "I'm proud to be a friend of Henry Kissinger. He is an extraordinary man. This country has lost a lot by not having him in a position of influence and authority."

Koppel was heaping praise on someone who served as a key architect of foreign policy throughout the Nixon presidency. Kissinger -- whose record as an inveterate liar was thoroughly documented in Seymour Hersh's 1983 book "The Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House" -- orchestrated bloody foreign-policy deceptions from Southeast Asia to Chile to East Timor.

Kissinger was the smart guy behind the horrendous bombing strategy that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia as he held the diplomatic stage. Kissinger was the smart guy who colluded with Gen. Augusto Pinochet for the September 1973 coup and the subsequent years of torture and murder in Chile. And Kissinger was the smart guy who, in his continuing role as secretary of state after Gerald Ford became president, gave Washington's blessing for Indonesian troops to invade and occupy East Timor -- with mass-murderous results. Kissinger was a frequent guest on "Nightline," so reverentially treated by Ted Koppel that in the summer of 1989 the host turned the moderating role over to the extraordinary man so he could direct the panel discussion himself. A few years later, in April 1992, Koppel was telling viewers: "If you want a clear foreign-policy vision, someone who will take you beyond the conventional wisdom of the moment, it's hard to do any better than Henry Kissinger."

Koppel's fervent promotion of Kissinger was no anomaly. The longtime ABC newsman amassed a notable record of banging the drum for U.S. foreign policy when it counted the most -- in real time, when a crisis was underway.

Asked by Life magazine in 1988 if he'd like to be secretary of state, Koppel responded affirmatively and touted his qualifications: "Part of the job is to sell American foreign policy, not only to Congress but to the American public. I know I could do that."

Koppel made the comment while U.S. foreign policy in Central America included direct Reagan administration support for a Contra terrorist army in Nicaragua along with backing for death-squad aligned governments in El Salvador and Guatemala. Meanwhile, his "Nightline" program regularly gave aid and comfort to policymakers in Washington.

During the late 1980s, researchers at the media watch group FAIR (where I'm an associate) conducted a 40-month study of "Nightline," 865 programs in all. The two most frequent guests were Kissinger and another former secretary of state, Alexander Haig. On shows about international affairs, U.S. government policymakers and ex-officials dominated the "Nightline" guest list. American critics of foreign policy were almost invisible.

But Koppel, the program's anchor and managing editor, didn't see a problem. "We are governed by the president and his cabinet and their people," he fired back. "And they are the ones who are responsible for our foreign policy, and they are the ones I want to talk to." Instead of wide-ranging public discourse, Koppel's show was primarily a conveyor belt for elite opinion at crucial junctures. Later, if he got around to exposing official deception, he was apt to debunk propaganda that he helped to spread in the first place.

Back in 1987, Newsweek noted a basic disparity between the image and function of Ted Koppel: "The anchor who makes viewers feel that he is challenging the powers that be on their behalf is in fact the quintessential establishment journalist."

In that light -- considering the overall coverage of Washington's foreign-policy establishment by NPR News -- Ted Koppel does seem like a natural fit.

Norman Solomon is the author of the new book "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death." For information, go to: www.WarMadeEasy.com.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


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from terrorism news

Million Voices for Darfur
The Save Darfur Coalition, in cooperation with over 150 faith-based, advocacy, and humanitarian aid organizations, is proud to announce the launching of the Million Voices for Darfur campaign, an unprecedented effort to raise awareness of the genocide taking place in Darfur and promote the actions necessary to end it. The goal of the Million Voices for Darfur campaign is to generate one million hand-written and electronic postcards from Americans demanding a stronger and more effective U.S. response. Specifically, the campaign calls on the United States government to support a stronger multinational force to protect the civilians of Darfur. Click here to visit the Million Voices site and learn more.
Click here for the Million Voices press release

Call the President and Ask him make Darfur a priority in 2006
As the President puts the finishing touches on both his State of the Union address and the FY07 budget, please take a moment to remind him that ending the genocide in Darfur must be a priority in 2006. The White House comments line is 202-456-1111.

Violence and Suffering Continues in Sudan's Darfur Region
Darfur, a region in western Sudan, is home to what the United Nations has called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Since February 2003, over 400,000 men, women and children have died while another 2.5 million innocent civilians have been forced to flee their homes. Find out more here.

Who we are
The Save Darfur Coalition is an alliance of over 140 diverse faith-based, humanitarian, and human rights organizations, assembled to raise public awareness and to mobilize efforts to help end the atrocities and reduce the suffering in Darfur and nearby refugee camps. Find out more here

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


check out good health naturally--tell me what you think.

I also reccomend a search for Gary Null he is my favorite doctor.


FROM "ON THIS DAY" (it's good clickin' fun)

Alice Paul

Alice Paul (January 11, 1885July 9, 1977) was an American suffragist leader. Along with Lucy Burns and others, she led a successful campaign for women's suffrage that resulted in granting the right to vote to women in the U.S. federal election in 1920.

Alice Paul was born into a Quaker family in Moorestown, New Jersey. She attended Swarthmore College (BA, 1905), the New York School of Philanthropy (social work), and the University of Pennsylvania (MA, sociology). In 1907, Paul moved to England where she attended the University of Birmingham and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Returning to the U.S. in 1910, she attended the University of Pennsylvania, completing a PhD in political science in 1912. Her dissertation topic was: The Legal Position of Women in Pennsylvania. In 1927, she received an LLM followed by a Doctor of Civil Law degree in 1928, both from American University's Washington College of Law.

While she was in England, Paul heard Christabel Pankhurst speak at the University of Birmingham in 1908. Inspired, Paul joined the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU), where she met fellow American Lucy Burns. Her activities with the WSPU led to her arrest and imprisonment three times. Along with other suffragists she went on hunger strike and was force-fed.

In 1913 Alice Paul, and Lucy Burns formed the Congressional Union for Women Suffrage. Their focus was lobbying for a constitutional amendment to secure the right to vote for women. Such an amendment had originally been sought by suffragists Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1878. However, by the early 20th century, attempts to secure a federal amendment had ceased. The focus of the suffrage movement had turned to securing the vote on a state-by-state basis.

When their lobbying efforts proved fruitless, Paul and her colleagues formed the National Woman's Party (NWP) in 1916 and began introducing some of the methods used by the suffrage movement in Britain. Tactics included parades, mass meetings, vigils and demonstrations. These actions were accompanied by press coverage and the publication of the weekly Suffragist.

In the election of 1916, Paul and the NWP campaigned against the continuing refusal of President Woodrow Wilson and other incumbent Democrats to actively support the Suffrage Amendment. In January 1917, the NWP staged the first political protest ever to picket the White House. The pickets, known as “Silent Sentinels,” held banners demanding the right to vote. This is believed to have been the first non-violent civil disobedience campaign in the U.S. In July 1917, picketers were arrested on charges of "obstructing traffic." Many, including Paul, were convicted and incarcerated at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia (now the Lorton Correctional Complex) and the District of Columbia Jail.

In protest of the conditions in Occoquan, Paul commenced a hunger strike. This led to her being moved to the prison’s psychiatric ward and force-fed. Other women joined the strike, which combined with the continuing demonstrations and attendant press coverage, kept the pressure on the Wilson administration. In January, 1918, the president announced that women's suffrage was urgently needed as a "war measure." In 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution secured the vote for women.

Paul was the original author of a proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution in 1923. She opposed linking the ERA to abortion rights, as did most early feminists. Paul called abortion "the ultimate exploitation of women."

In 2004, HBO Films broadcast "Iron Jawed Angels", chronicling the struggle of Alice Paul and other suffragists.

External links


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Almost 3 weeks left until Bush's state of the union address on Jan. 31. Make your plans now to participate in protests all across the country - go to worldcantwait.org to:

***Contact your local chapter to buy a bus ticket to DC Feb. 4

***find a protest in your area Jan. 31, the night of Bush's state of the union address.

Our Ads on Air America Begin Today:

Our radio ads begin running on Air America today, calling on people to join in protests during Bush's state of the union address. They feature Mark Crispin Miller & Sunsara Taylor, and you can download 4 different 60-second spots on our website. Get these radio PSA's played everywhere throughout January.

We are also running another ad in the NY Times that will speak to the stakes of this moment, where Bush's NSA spying has been revealed, the Alito hearings just began, and the Patriot Act is up for renewel. In the midst of all this, imagine what it will mean for ads to run in newspapers across the country demanding the BUSH STEP DOWN.

Donate all you can to reach millions with this demand. $600 will buy one spot on Air America, and $90,000 will run the ads until Feb. 4. $75,000 will get an ad in the Washington Post. The future is at stake - how much can you give?

Listen to a new message from Debra Sweet- "State of Emergency: 4 Weeks to Make History":

The future is on the line and you are in the right place. The world urgently needs us to drive out the Bush regime. To this end, the world needs powerful protest by the American people - nation-wide on Tuesday, January 31st to drown out and denounce Bush’s State of the Union, declaring BUSH STEP DOWN because we are in a state of emergency, and then the following Saturday bringing this demand right to the seat of government, to the seat of power, in Washington DC: BUSH STEP DOWN AND TAKE YOUR PROGRAM WITH YOU.

As scandals break and crimes of this Bush regime are revealed before millions, the possibility of driving this regime from power becomes ever more real, but also ever more urgent, with exponentially increasing stakes. It is not every day that major newspapers run editorials accusing the President of impeachable offenses – and as this is happening, it must be seized upon. Millions of people want this President gone from office, and we must reach out very broadly, uniting with many, many diverse sections of people, and ensure that this moment of political vulnerability for the regime does not pass. We need to get to the people who don’t see how this can happen, who don’t see any other way, and let them know there is a vehicle. (go to our website to read more or listen)

Check out worldcantwait.org for the latest news and events:

- Jan. 12 Evening of Conscience benefit for World Can't Wait at Oakland's Grand Lake Theatre.

- In DC, WCW volunteers disrupted a press conference of the anti-choice "Concerned Women for America".

- "Justice Sunday III" rallied Christian fundamentalists to demand Alito's confirmation while protests against the imposition of theocracy took place outside.

- Tribunal indicts Bush for war crimes at the White House on Jan. 10.



Sunday, January 08, 2006


find out more at http://www.rense.com/general16/greenpartyUSA.htm


My other blog has been removed. if you want to do some fun online shopping for everything and everything go to http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/ARAT3566/ please visit overstock last because it seems your back botton won't work to get you back to my one stop shop and continue browsing all the venders including our own singles club.


On thursday reps John Murtha and Jim Muran held a town meeting with the public on the topic of the war in Iraq. Present was a member of VetPac. VetPac, along with OperationTruth .org represent U.S. war veterans opposed to continued occupation of Iraq and the waste of 18 billion dollars of reconstruction funds (greater than Iraq's G.N.P.) on non Iraqi contractors and supportive of the 37 american vets currently running for congress. As a lobbying organization, VetPac donations are not tax deductable.



Friday, December 30, 2005


Saturday Jan 7 National Day of Town Hall Forums on Ending the War

World Can't Wait is participating with The After Downing Street
Coalition and other organizations in public meetings Saturday, January
7, on the topic of ending the war! Join in; bring flyers calling for
everyone to protest the State of the Union Address. Get the demand that
BUSH STEP DOWN into the effort to stop the war.

From afterdowningstreet.org: "There are 60 events already planned around
the country. Many Congress Members have been invited to attend by their
constituents. Some have already committed to doing so, including: Bobby
Scott, Diane Watson, Jim McDermott, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Adam Smith,
and Dave Reichert.

One focus of some of these events will be Congressman John Conyers' new
resolutions to censure Bush and Cheney and to create a select committee
to investigate and make recommendations on impeachment. Rep. Conyers,
and many other Congress Members, are likely to participate."


Friday, 12/30 Today's Reason to Drive Them Out:
"Your government enforces a culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance
and ignorance."
If a recently passed House bill becomes law, it will be a federal
crime to provide any help to illegal immigrants in any way,
including for mere survival. The border-security bill has the
support of President Bush, and redefines immigrant-smuggling laws
in such a way that anyone who provides any assistance (medical,
food, shelter, or otherwise) to illegal immigrants could face up
to 5 years in prison, and have some of their assets seized.
Everyone from Immigrants Rights groups to the Conference of
Catholic Bishops are outraged at the complete disregard for
humanity in this measure that could send priests, social workers,
doctors and nurses to prison for helping immigrants survive.more


Hail to the King, er. Chief
-Daniel Meltzer, journalist and playwright
His Royal Highness, George I, Potentate of the Potomac, Wisest of
the Wise, Accomplisher of Missions, deigned this week to inform us
that the controversial Patriot Act authorizes Himself, as Supreme
Commander of the Combined Combat forces of the Republic, to order
any such action as His exalted personage sees fit, regardless of
previously recognized laws, or even our antiquated Constitution,
in order to protect the nation from the possibility of attack by
any and all those seeking to undermine our glorious Democracy,
Long Live the King.

George I, in the final month of the fifth year of His reign,
issued His proclamation during the course of His pre-holiday
audience for members of the press, assembled to grovel at His feet
at the White Palace and to receive their seasonal scolding in lieu
of temporarily proscribed waterboarding or fingernail removal.

(see more new writers at worldcantwait.org!)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


you can go shopping at www.validlink.blogspot.com or you can start at http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/ARAT3566/ and look for the link that says "click here to go to my blog"


I got a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union telling me that my civil rights and freedom of religion are in great danger. It said that more people than ever are members of the ACLU and included a list of 100 important cases they have argued including the Scopes "monkey trial" where someone was arrested for teaching evolution.
I believe that the universe is infinate (meaning it has no outer edge) as well as eternal which means, of course, that there was no beginning and there shall be no end.
You would have just as much trouble trying to convince me that there was a big bang as that God created the earth and the heavens in six days. By the way, if there were no earth and no heavens before God created them in six days, how did he know it was daytime?
Samuel Adams strongly believed that there should be freedom of religion for everyone with the exception of those he called "the Papists". Adams felt that those who accepted no authority other than the Pope were likely to commit violence against the state.
If you click on the date under where it says On This Day you can see historical things which happened on this date.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

bill orielley makes me sick

I had the misfortune of pausing on faux news during a channel surf last night and I was treated to the tail end of a segment called "100 people who are ruining america" or something like that.

I was appalled to see some tories (people who support king george) saying that Cindy Sheehan was "way out there" and "deserves critisism" for suggesting that Texas oilmen are to blame for the war in Iraq. They did not, however provide any evidence to suggest that Texas oilmen are NOT to blame for the war in Iraq.

I have subscribed to a mailing list from the International Center for War and Peace Reporting
(or something like that) and I will contact them for permissions to re-publish anything noteworthy they send my way.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eternal Vigilance http://www.icdc.com/~paulwolf/cointelpro/cointel.htm

The president's recent admission to violating the fourth amendment's protection against warrantless search and siezure with regards to private communications between citizens
does not reveal anything new. Such procedures as wiretapping and using udercover informants to infiltrate groups of Americans who may dissagree with the status quo even without opposing the country's democratic system of government or advocating violence of any kind have been used since long before Martin Luther King and Nixon's "enemies list" as you can see by following the link above.

Average American Approves of Blog Reading

Silent Majority Wieghs it's Options

I want to start a new blog. mostly for the purpose of placing advertizing, but i want it to be fun to read. Should I write about Craft Shows and flea markets? How about music festivals? What if you write it and I just place ads and try to drive traffic to it? Should it have a lot of keywords and phrases that mach poular searches like "make money" Sex Sells" "free to join" "tired of wasting money?" "Paris Hilton" "Jesus" "Get Paid"? I don't know -- please leave suggestions for topics and screen names. Thank you

Porn Author Shocked

Bill Oreilly reacts to news that Santa may not be real

Sunday, December 18, 2005

More From Democracy Now!

Report: Bush-Enacted NSA Program Monitors Phone Conversations, E-Mails
The New York Times is reporting the National Security Agency has been eavesdropping on U.S. citizens and foreign nationals without court-approved warrants.
Under a Bush administration directive enacted in 2002, the agency has monitored the international phone calls and e-mails of hundreds, and possibly thousands of people inside the country.
The National Security Agency’s mission is to spy on communications abroad. Although officials said the program had helped thwart at least two potential attacks, most people monitored by the N.S.A. have never been charged with a crime.

The Times says it delayed publishing details of the program after a request from the Bush administration at least one year ago. At the request of the White House, the Times also says it has omitted information administration officials said could be useful to terrorists. The disclosure comes two days after NBC News revealed the Pentagon has kept detailed records on the events and meetings of anti-war groups across the country.

From Democracy Now!

Bush Administration Drops Opposition to Senate Torture Ban
In this country, the Bush administration says its dropped opposition to a Senate measure that bans torture of detainees in US custody. Republican Senator John McCain, who spearheaded the torture ban, made the announcement with President Bush Thursday.
Arizona Senator John McCain: “I'm very pleased that we reached this agreement, and now we can move forward and make sure that the whole world knows that, as the President has stated many times, that we do not practice cruel, inhuman treatment or torture. This agreement basically does two things: One, puts into the Army Field Manual the specific procedures for interrogations. And two, it prohibits cruel, inhumane [treatment] -- or torture.”
In recent months, the White House had aggressively lobbied for an amendment that would have exempted CIA operatives from the torture ban. At one point, the Bush administration threatened to veto Congress’ entire defense bill if it included McCain’s provisions. But opposition has come even within the administration’s own party. On Wednesday, the Republican-controlled House passed a non-binding resolution backing McCain’s effort.

From Democray Now!

Fourth Ex-U.S. Official Charge in Iraq Graft Case
A fourth official to work for the U.S. occupation authority in Iraq has been arrested and charged with corruption while overseeing Iraqi reconstruction projects. Government investigators say Lt. Col. Debra Harrison received at least $80,000 dollars, a luxury sports-utility vehicle and several illegal weapons in exchange for steering reconstruction contracts to a US company operating in Iraq. Three other former occupation officials have been arrested on similar charges since October. Prosecutors say several further indictments are forthcoming.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wiretap Uncovers Terrorist Plot

Bush Defends Secret Spying in the U.S.AP - 1 minute ago
WASHINGTON - Facing angry criticism and challenges to his authority in Congress, President Bush on Saturday unapologetically defended his administration's right to conduct secret post-Sept. 11 spying in the United States as "critical to saving American lives."


BUSH: "you gonna have those guys fly planes into the World Trade Center tomarrow?"

BIN LADEN: "you know it buddy what are you doin' tomarrow"

BUSH: "I'm gonna read stories to schoolchildren"

BIN LADEN: "you're a pussy"

BUSH: "at least I know how to shave my face hehe"

BIN LADEN: " my brother says you still owe him money from that stupid oil drilling company deal in Texas"

BUSH: "well he's not skull an' bones so he can bite my ass"

BIN LADEN: "I'm gonna hang up now 'cause you're a jackass"

BUSH: "you're ugly"

BIN LADEN: "your momma fat"

BUSH: "hehe"

History Repeats

It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. - Joseph Goebbels

A few days ago, the Chicken-Hawk-in-Chief said: “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”
On 29 January 2003, at the State of the Union speech, the same Chicken-Hawk-in-Chief addressed the Congress: “And as we and our coalition partners are doing in Afghanistan, we will bring to the Iraqi people food and medicines and supplies - and freedom.”

Good to remember when still so many think the Congress should impeach the President.

According to “The State of Iraq: An Update”, an article published by The New York Times “A sober reading of the data argues against a rapid withdrawal, which would concede the fight to the terrorists.”

One wonders how many people must be murdered before (soberly) calling someone terrorist: 30,000? 100,000? 500,000? 1,000,000?

“The war in numbers: From WMD to the victims” is a collection of numbers published on 13 December 2005 by The Independent. It reads: “30,000 Estimated Iraqi civilian deaths” What’s the source of this number? Is The Independent (and the other mainstream media) accepting the numbers given by the official sources, which is to say the White House and the Pentagon?

Why did most of the Western mainstream media bury the most serious study conducted on the subject?

This study, published on 29 October 2004 in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, reads:
Making conservative assumptions, we think that about 100,000 excess deaths, or more have happened since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Violence accounted for most of the excess deaths and air strikes from coalition forces accounted for most violent deaths. (Interpretation) Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces were women and children. (Findings)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Americans Dig Cars

FROM YAHOO NEWS: Car Buried in 1957 to Be Unearthed in '07 AP - Mon Dec 12, 9:01 PM ET Sent 401 times
TULSA, Okla. - A Plymouth Belvedere that was buried in a concrete vault nearly 50 years ago as part of the state's golden anniversary celebration will be unearthed in 2007 as part of the Oklahoma centennial festivities

Monday, December 12, 2005

Psyched About Psy-Ops

1 hour, 44 minutes ago
The Nation -- "We call our stuff information and the enemy's propaganda," says Col. Jack N. Summe, former commander of the Fourth Psychological Operations Group, in Jeff Gerth's masterful, must-read investigation into how the US military is waging a quasi-secret information war in Iraq. Summe admits to Gerth, "some public affairs professionals see us unfavorably," and inaccurately, he says, as "lying, dirty tricksters."
It turns out that the Lincoln Group, the Washington-based subcontractor hired by the Pentagon to plant stories in Iraq's media was no rogue operation. Instead, as Gerth documents, it was just one of many elements in the Bush Administration's vast, extensive and costly propaganda apparatus.
Recent news stories have documented how the Lincoln group received tens of millions of dollars in Pentagon contracts to plant paid, boosterish articles in the Iraqi and Arab media. Now we learn that while US troops had defective bulletproof vests, US taxpayer money was being used to help Lincoln pitch pop culture ideas as a way to win hearts and minds in the Middle East.
Did you know that Lincoln proposed that the US government fund a version of the satirical paper "The Onion," and an underground paper to be called "The Voice"? It even had the brilliant plan, according to Gerth's article, of trying "comedies modeled after Cheers and the Three Stooges, with the trio as bumbling wannabe terrorists."
I used to think that if Terry Southern (who brought us Dr. Strangelove) were still alive, he'd have a hard time finding material. Reality is now so radically outrageous. An anti-terrorist comedy based on The Three Stooges? ----------Katrina Vanden Heuvel------------------

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Winter Weather Briefly Boosts Crude Oil Near $61 Barrel

FROM ASSOCIATED PRESS: Winter weather briefly boosts crude oil near $61 barrel

I heard about a guy in vermont who does'nt have to worry about that. they say he's the kind of guy who really gets things done when he puts his mind to something. Last fall all he could think about (besides his young wife and child) was getting firewood in for the winter. They say he could have raked up the sawdust from all that cutting and splitting and sold it to the Vermont Teddy Bear company. He may not have been a stockholder in a major oil company but he sure does'nt have to worry about the kerosene situation. His National Gaurd unit shipped out to Iraq and he was killed weeks ago. Now he's one of us; the silent majority.

War on Terror Revealed as Oxymoron

FROM RAW STORY http://www.rawstory.com In his latest New York Times column set for Sunday's edition, Frank Rich charts a number of recent news stories which link the Bush Administration to 'propaganda' but concludes that none of it may be working as it once did, RAW STORY has learned.
Rich points out that even though the economy appears to be 'going relatively well,' as reflected in a drop in gas prices, Bush's approval rating in this area is still low, which might be because Americans can no longer believe what they can see anymore.
Excerpts from Frank Rich's 'It takes a Potemkin village' follow:
When a government substitutes propaganda for governing, the Potemkin village is all. Since we don't get honest information from this White House, we must instead, as the Soviets once did, decode our rulers' fictions to discern what's really happening. What we're seeing now is the wheels coming off: As the administration's stagecraft becomes more baroque, its credibility tanks further both at home and abroad. The propaganda techniques may be echt Goebbels, but they increasingly come off as pure Ali G.
The latest desperate shifts in White House showmanship say at least as much about our progress (or lack of same) in Iraq over the past 32 months as reports from the ground. When President Bush announced the end of "major combat operations" in May 2003, his Imagineers felt the need for only a single elegant banner declaring "Mission Accomplished." Cut to Nov. 30, 2005: the latest White House bumper sticker, "Plan for Victory," multiplied by Orwellian mitosis over nearly every square inch of the rather "Queer Eye" stage set from which Bush delivered his oration at the Naval Academy.
And to no avail. Despite the insistently redundant graphics -- and despite the repetition of the word "victory" 15 times in the speech itself -- Americans believed "Plan for Victory" far less than they once did "Mission Accomplished." The first New York Times-CBS News Poll since the Naval Academy pep talk, released last Thursday, found that only 25 percent of Americans say the president has "a clear plan for victory in Iraq." Tom Cruise and evolution still have larger constituencies in America than that.
Bush's "Plan for Victory" speech was, of course, the usual unadulterated nonsense. Its overarching theme -- "We will never accept anything less than complete victory" -- was being contradicted even as he spoke by rampant reports of Pentagon plans for stepped-up troop withdrawals between next week's Iraqi elections and the more important (for endangered Republicans) American Election Day of 2006. The specifics were phony, too: Once again inflating the readiness of Iraqi troops, Bush claimed that the recent assault on Tal Afar "was primarily led by Iraqi security forces" -- a fairy tale immediately unmasked by Michael Ware, a Time reporter embedded in that battle's front lines, as "completely wrong." No less an authority than the office of Iraq's prime minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, promptly released a 59-page report documenting his own military's inadequate leadership, equipment and training.

Silent Majority Revealed as Lone Individual

FROM BLOGOSPHERE: As many supected, little known weblog creator and content borrower Silent Majority has in fact been found by investigators to be only one person rather than the Majority he claimed to be. http://profiles.yahoo.com/ibanoiz

Communist China Paves Path for Progress

FROM NBC: NBC News and news services Updated: 9:19 a.m. ET Dec. 11, 2005
DONGZHOU, China - The commander of forces that shot and killed people protesting land seizures in a southern village has been detained, the Chinese government said Sunday, as police in riot gear patrolled the community and appealed for order.
The government said three people died in Tuesday’s violence in this coastal village northeast of Hong Kong, but witnesses put the death toll as high as 20.
The commander’s “wrong actions” were to blame for the deaths, said a statement issued by the government of Guangdong province, where Dongzhou is located. It did not identify the commander or say what his actions were.
The government earlier defended the shootings, saying police opened fire after protesters with knives, spears and dynamite attacked a power plant and then turned on authorities.
But the detention of such an official is almost unprecedented for the communist government and suggested Chinese leaders were trying to mollify angry villagers by announcing it. Sunday’s statement also said medical teams were sent to Dongzhou to treat the wounded.
The attack was deadliest known clash yet amid rising rural tensions over seizures of land for use in building power plants, shopping malls and other projects. Farmers often complain they are paid too little, and local officials sometimes are accused of stealing compensation money.
The announcement of the detention came as residents gave new details of the violence, saying they heard bursts of gunfire for at least 12 hours after the clash. It also comes just days ahead of the start of the World Trade Organization meeting in Hong Kong on Tuesday.
Police on patrolOn Sunday, at least 100 police with riot shields and helmets stood guard in the village. Police stopped vehicles at roadblocks, looking for local men. There was no violence, but residents could be seen arguing angrily with police.
Police trucks drove through the village blaring promises over loudspeakers that officials would deal with local grievances.
“Have confidence in the government,” said the announcement in the local dialect. “This matter will be handled well.”
The government said the protests centered on land taken for use in building a power plant using wind turbines, though villagers said the dispute was over a different, coal-fired power plant.
Several residents said they heard gunfire beginning at about 6 p.m. Tuesday. They said there were sporadic bursts of shooting through the night, lasting for about 12 hours.
“We were terrified. We all stayed inside,” said a farmer who lives nearby and would give only his surname, Chen. “Even now, we all stay indoors after it gets dark.”
"I didn't expect the police to shoot,” one young villager said. "But they shot my uncle twice. I watched him die."
Among the dead was a 26-year-old man from Shanghai who was visiting Dongzhou to attend a wedding. A relative says he stepped outside to see what was happening and was hit by police bullets.
The harsh crackdown on citizens is shocking to those hoping to see reform in China.
"China is telling the world, 'We are still very backward in terms of human rights,’" says Lee Cheuk Yan, vice chairman of Alliance In Support of Patriotic Democratic China.
“I don’t think this is good image for China when they are trying to tell the world that they are part of international community and they will play by international rules... but only economic – not political. I don’t think this is a very good message,” Lee says.
Growing countryside unrest
Villagers contacted Saturday by phone gave death tolls ranging from 10 to 20. They said others were missing.
Such incidents have alarmed communist leaders, who are promising to spend more to raise living standards in the poor countryside, home to about 800 million people.
By the government’s count, China had more than 70,000 cases of rural unrest last year. Protests are growing more violent, with injuries on both sides.
President Hu Jintao’s government has made a priority of spreading prosperity to areas left behind by China’s 25-year economic boom. But in many areas, families still live on the equivalent of a few hundred dollars a year.
On Sunday, government banners hung at the entrance of Dongzhou said, “Following the law is the responsibility and obligation of the people,” and “Don’t listen to rumors, don’t let yourself be used.”
Another tried to placate local anger, promising, “The people’s government will always support the people of Dongzhou.”
The official Xinhua News Agency said the province has formed a group to investigate complaints by Dongzhou villagers about land requisition and demands for more compensation.
Local residents said villagers hung up banners earlier appealing to China’s central government to investigate the dispute and complaints against local officials.
Witnesses said authorities tore down those banners and burned them Tuesday.
Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post newspaper said wounded villagers were “under police control” in hospitals. It quoted a villager as saying relatives were detained after they visited a hospitalized uncle who was shot in the chest.
The Post quoted some residents as saying officials were trying to hide the death toll, offering families money to give up bodies.
Dongzhou is on the outskirts of the city of Shanwei. Like many cities in China, Shanwei has cleared suburban land once used for farming to build industrial zones. State media have said the Shanwei Red Bay industrial zone is slated to have three electricity-generating plants — a coal-fired plant, a wave power plant and a wind farm.
The Associated Press and NBC's Charles Hadlock contributed to this report.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Editor Compares Bush to Hitler

FROM LA REBUBLICA DEL URAGUAY: The editor of La República del Uruguay replies to the US ambassador, Martin Silverstein, ( Uruguay ) who had complained about the comparisons the newspaper had drawn between Hitler and Bush.by Dr. Federico Fasano MertensMarch 30th, 2003 "La República del Uruguay"

A few days ago I received a letter from Martin Silverstein, the US ambassador to Uruguay, accusing La República, a publication which I am honoured to edit, of "totally lacking any sense of journalistic integrity" by comparing George Bush, the president of his country, to Adolf Hitler, the chancellor of the Third Reich. I have been unable to reply to him any sooner because the act of piracy which his country has committed, attacking a defenceless and close to disarmed country with the most formidable killing machine that the history of the world has ever known, has forced me to devote more than the usual amount of time to publishing special editions on the slaughter. I also found myself taken up by trying to convict US-trained uniformed torturers who had slandered me, a task which I have only recently been able to bring to completion.Not long ago, when the ambassador visited me in my office, I remember saying to my colleagues that he was the most intelligent, perceptive and witty American ambassador I had ever met. "At last," I said, "a representative from the empire with whom you can exchange ideas, without being poisoned by the same tired, old clichés whenever you attend a meeting."Unfortunately for the ambassador, however, his wisdom has not spared him the misfortune of having to represent the forty-third president of his nation, George Bush Jr.: a paranoid fanatic intoxicated by messianic passions and dimmer than a slug. A man drunk with power, as he was drunk with alcohol before—and legally condemned for it on 4 September 1976, for driving drunk at full speed. Admonished, too, by none other than the evangelist Billy Graham who told him, "Who are you, to think yourself God?". A militant for the Christian Right, the Texan, Southern Christian right that is. A racist in love with the death sentence, especially when it comes to African-Americans. All in all, the worst US president for over a century, the man who will unleash the greatest tragedies on his own people. The opposite of Homo Sapiens, the incarnation of Homo Demens.And a misogynist, to boot, like any good racist. No one could forget the public humiliations he has put Laura Bush through. You can well imagine Laura Bush's embarrassment on hearing her husband's reply when asked by the press why she wasn't accompanying him on that day, "it's been raining and she's had to sweep the driveway to our Crawford ranch, we're expecting Jiang Zemin, the president of China, tomorrow".His compatriot, the aged writer Kurt Vonnegut did not hesitate in calling him "the sleaziest, low-comedy, Keystone Cops-style coup d'état leader imaginable".But let's get to the heart of the matter. Let's leave the US ambassador with his sad misfortune of having to defend the most delirious resident the White House has ever known, and me with the honour of trying this man armed only with words.The matter at hand is the comparison between Adolf Hitler and George Bush.There are obvious differences. The first being that the war criminal, the murderer of the Jewish and Soviet peoples, won a resounding victory in the German elections, while the war criminal and murderer of the Iraqi people reached power fraudulently, in the biggest electoral scandal in US history.From the theoretical point of view, the comparison between Bush and Hitler is correct. The scientists have described Nazism as a terrorist dictatorship of corporate expansionism. Bush, by putting himself beyond the law and invading a defenceless nation which it had not attacked in order to take over its oil wealth, the second largest on the planet, and then stating that other oil-producing nations will follow, comes close to the definition of a corporate terrorist dictatorship. Even though he may not like to admit it.George Bush is a Nazi in his genes.His grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a partner in Brown Brothers Harriman and one of the proprietors of the Banking Corporation Union. Both companies played a key role in financing Hitler on his way to power in Germany. On 20 October 1942, the US government ordered the confiscation of Ranking Corporation Union, owned by Prescott Bush, and in addition seized the Dutch-US Trade Corporation and Seamless Steel Corporation, both administered by the Bush-Hamman Bank. On 17 November of the same year, Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated all assets of the Silesian American Corporation, again administered by Prescott Bush, for trading with the enemy. George's great-grandfather, God's warrior, Samuel Bush, father of the Nazi Prescott Bush, was the right hand man of the steel magnate Clarence Dillon and the banker Fritz Thyssen, who wrote a book called I Paid Hitler, joining the German Socialist Workers Party in 1931.Should the ambassador have any doubts on the spurious alliance between the Bush family and Hitler, I would recommend he reads Victor Thorn's splendid essay. Thorn states: "An important part of the basis for the Bush family fortune was created by the help it offered Adolf Hitler. The current president of the United States, as his father (ex-director of the CIA, vice-president and president), reached the summit of the North-American political hierarchy because his grandfather, great-grandfather and their political family aided and abetted the Nazis". This without going into how the Bush family swindled and embezzled four-and-a-half million dollars from Broward Federal Savings in Sunrise, Florida, or the fraud of millions of savers at the Silverado Savings Bank (Denver, Colorado).A Nazi great-grandfather, a Nazi grandfather, a father who wasn't able to be a Nazi because Hitler had already killed himself in the ruins of the Chancellery gardens, though he benefited from the ill-gotten gains of his ancestors.But let us not condemn our homo demens for his evil genes.Let us judge him only by his works. And let's compare. Just compare.How does the ambassador believe that the delirious Austrian corporal reached the pinnacle of public power? Hitler reached power in clean elections, but then found that the Constitution of the Weimar Republic placed limits which his omnipotent desires refused to accept. He then plotted the burning of the Reichstag and in a single night was anointed the elector of war or peace.Doesn't this sound familiar, Mr Ambassador?The criminal demolition of the Twin Towers brought about the same mire as the burning of the Reichstag. Obviously, I am not about to be so bold as to join those who accuse the Bush warmongers of having orchestrated the massacre or of not stopping it when they learnt of its preparation. There is no conclusive proof for such an outrageous statement, though there are many signs of criminal negligence and huge suspicion which is only encouraged by strict censorship that is without precedent in modern US democracy. Some day, when the American people fully recover their freedom of information and investigate that black Tuesday morning of September 11, today corralled by a Patriot Act, approved with the single vote against of a woman, a symbol of national US dignity, we shall be able to find out why the many tell-tale signs of an impending large-scale assassination left throughout the country were ignored. We shall be able to learn why the Air Force jets took 80 minutes to intercept the hijacked planes, when it was known that the planes were hijacked and heading for Washington as soon as they took off from Boston and the manual lays down the procedure for the intervention of the Air Force within 5 minutes of a hijack.We will be able to find out why the remains of the presumed plane that hit the Pentagon were hidden. We shall be able to learn why, according to the conservative Wall Street Journal, immediately after meeting in Washington with CIA director George Tenet, the head of the Pakistani secret services arranged for Islamabad to send one hundred thousand dollars to Mohammed Atta in the US, the organiser of the New York Twin Towers suicide attack. The suspension of civil rights by the Patriot Act now prohibits the investigation of this frightening piece of information. We will finally be able to find out why 15 of the 21 commandos came from Saudi Arabia, the chief US ally in the Persian Gulf. There wasn't a single Iraqi onboard those planes. Not even accidentally.Apart from all the suspicion, there is no doubt that the chaotic forty-third president of the US, anointed by fraudulent elections, in the middle of an impressive recession with no end in view, with the lowest initial approval ratings for a head of state, has moved on to dominate the stage by acquiring powers inconceivable in a democracy and been crowned the avenging Emperor that he may cleanse the affront the barbarians had infringed upon his people.The American Burning of the Reichstag of September 11 gave George Bush the chance of a lifetime. The worst electoral victory of a US president since 1876 had turned into the best historical opportunity for a warmonger to impose a new US order on the world.As in Hitler's case, the first thing he did was to surround himself with a clique of con artists such as himself, men obsessed with the intimidating power of force. Like Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Mengele, or Eichmann, the Texan president searched for the protective shell of an iron guard, often more war-like than himself to impede any temptation to doubt, and men of a common stamp: all oilmen. The vice-president, Dick Cheney, came from Halliburton Oil, the chief of the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld, from Occidental, another oil company, the National Security Advisor, the spinster Condoleeza Rice, whose name in Spanish by a twist of fate means "with sweetness", was on Chevron's board of directors and has oil tankers named after her. Then there's the Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton, who is also linked to the oil industry, as is Bush Sr. with the Carlyle oil group, and the current president, Bush Jr. with Harkins Oil.This quintet of death around warrior Bush, a true mafiocracy, as with the quintet who joined Hitler, were fed on a very special Bible. In this case the philosophies of Hegel, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, which formed and inflamed the inventor of the Holocaust of the 20th century, were replaced by less cultivated specimens who did not posses such an esteemed intellectual lineage, but who were more useful for the Hitler of the 21st century.What is the bedtime reading of this gang of warmongers?The Bostonian Henry Cabot Lodge asserting that "in the 19th century, no other people equalled our conquests, our colonisation or our expansion, nobody will stop us now". Marse Henry Watterson stated that the US "is a great imperial republic destined to exercise a determining influence on mankind and mould the world's future as no other nation has ever done before, not even the Roman Empire". Or Charles Krauthammer who not long ago, in 1999, declared in the Washington Post: "the US rides over the world like a colossus. Since the time that Rome destroyed Carthage, no other great power has reached the heights we have attained. The US has won the Cold War, Poland and the Czech Republic are in its pocket, and then it pulverises Serbia and Afghanistan. And, on the way, it has proved the non-existence of Europe". Or Robert Kaplan pointing out that "the US victory in the Second World War, as with Rome's victory in the Second Punic War, made it a universal power". Or the well-known historian, Paul Kennedy, explaining that "neither Pax Britanica, nor Napoleonic France, nor the Spain of Felipe II, nor Charlemagne's Empire, or even the Roman Empire could compare to the current US dominion. Never before has there been such a wide disparity in power on the world stage".Or the director of the Olin Strategic Studies Centre of Harvard University, Professor Stephen Peter Rosen, stating that "our objective is not to fight a rival, as he doesn't exist, but to preserve our imperial position and keep imperial order".Or the ineffable Zbigniew Brzezinski declaring that "the objective of the US should be to maintain our vassal states in a state of dependency, to guarantee the docility and protection of our subjects and to prevent the barbarians from uniting".Or president Wilson declaring in the Union Congress that "I would teach the South American republics how to elect good representatives". Or the famous Billy Sunday who defined a Latin American left-winger as "someone with a porcupine's snout and breath that would scare a skunk away", adding that if he could, "he would pile them all into prisons until their feet stuck out the windows". Now listen to the current US vice-president, Dick Cheney, and the Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, who with Sweetness Rice form the belligerent triangle, more fearsome than the Bermuda Triangle. Faced with this holy war, Cheney declared: "the US need not blush for being a great power. It has the duty to use force in order to create a world in the image of the US". The chief of the Pentagon put it more clearly, in case we failed to understand. Rumsfeld dixit, quoting Al Capone's favourite line: "You get more with a nice word and a gun, than with only a nice word."This language which oozes from Bush's pores and brain is a dense, authoritarian, intimidating use of language which inevitably leads to morally perverting the ends to justify the means. The essential nature of the language used by the Bush gang, as with the language of the Nazis, is its simplification, reductionism and intimidation. This predatory group's language is a schematic, emotional language loaded with prejudices which inflame the people's noblest sentiments. I have no doubt that Bush feeds off the same source as Nazi language.Like Hitler, Bush does not believe in the Rule of Law. This is not a State which possesses Laws, but a State which yields, of its own accord, to the rule of law and in no circumstances can it break the law, even less for reasons of State. Abominable crimes have been committed in the name of reasons of State, or the Homeland, or national security.What differences can there be between the intellectual edifices created by Bush and Hitler when it comes to reasons of state? Not many I believe. Except for differences of style, age and magnitude of might and power.The Bush clique's discourse is a discourse between master and slave. It is no different from the Hitler clique's discourse. One is friendlier than the other. Though history is showing us that the less friendly one was less lethal.Civilisation, savagery, pacifying the barbarians, the chosen people and from there to the chosen race in a single step. In short, does this remind us of the psychopath with the moustache?And talking of moustaches, the account given by an influential Washington security advisor to the Argentinean magazine Noticias is instructive: "For better or worse, George Bush Jr. is the most appropriate person for this war. He was born for it. He shakes with the power coming from within. When you're with him in his office he seems like he's about to eat up whoever is in front of him. He sits on the edge of his chair, almost without resting on it and moves his arms as if he doesn't know what to do with them. He needs action".Now there's a good imitation of the gesticulating Nazi dictator. Though the phlegm of a Texan cowboy, with pistol in holster, is not the same as a semi-epileptic Teuton choking with rage and spitting out his words as he wildly gesticulates. Bush doesn't spit when he speaks. It's his soul that spits, hate and violence, generating terror. He couldn't care less. He must have learnt Caligula's "oderint dum metuant" ("Let them hate us, it's enough that they fear us").Bush's emotional incontinence is already a classic and, like Adolf, he won't take NO for an answer. His wife, Laura Bush, once told the press that the first time she said she didn't like one of his speeches, he crashed his car against the garage wall in rage.He comes across as a Nazi deity, an emissary of God, whom he summons whenever the opportunity presents itself. He has ordered all cabinet meetings to begin with prayer. And claims to have consulted God before attacking Iraq, dismissing the position of the majority of the planet's nations and 90% of mankind. He attempts to imitate president William McKinley invading the Philippines to bring the Gospel to the natives and blaming God for ordering him to invade the country against his will.Another coincidence in these parallel lives, which would have pleased Plutarch no end, is that Hitler and Bush would have avoided entering the Hall of Fame for History's Buffoons if they had only had access to a decent psychoanalyst. A good psychoanalyst would have helped them both channel their libidos into more normal duties, and learning to control the only aphrodisiac they have ever known: cruel, all-embracing power over others.Let's go on and look at other similarities between the warrior for the Aryan race and "God's warrior", as Telma Luzzani so perceptively calls the excitable Texan. Bush declares a pre-emptive war, urbi et orbe. In 1953, Dwight Eisenhower had no doubts on the matter: "Pre-emptive war was invented by Adolf Hitler. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't take anyone who came up with such a thing seriously".But pre-emptive war against whom? It is a well known fact that truth is the first casualty of war. And the first thing Bush does to manufacture his pre-emptive war, after the burning of the Reichstag, is to lie like Goebbels in such an unsophisticated manner that nobody believes a word of it. First he said that Iraq was supporting al-Qaeda. When it was shown that there ran an irreconcilable hatred between Saddam Hussein and the ex-US-employee Osama Bin Laden, Bush appealed to have Iraq included on his list of Moslem fundamentalism. Difficult to believe in the most secular country in the Arab world. He then claimed there were weapons of mass destruction. Asserting that Iraq wouldn't allow inspections and, when it did, declaring that it wouldn't let the UN enter Saddam's palaces or any other protected places. When it was then revealed that this wasn't the case, the administration said that the weapons were well hidden. In the end, not a single weapon of mass destruction has been found. When all the arguments were well and truly buried, he insisted that Saddam Hussein should stand down or go into exile, while admitting the real truth: we want to occupy Iraqi territory, no matter what, and decide who will govern the country. Planetary democracy they call it. The very same disinformation campaign that Hitler launched against Czechoslovakia, Austria and Poland. The same excuses that would change as soon as they were overrun.Another resemblance is the disdain for the international community and public world opinion. Hitler destroyed the League of Nations founded in 1919. Bush tore the United Nations to shreds, inciting the greatest opposition to a country since the founding of the UN: 170 nations did not support the war against the 30 that did, the majority lightweight states or the result of the break up of the Soviet Union, and ready to sell themselves to the highest bidder. Bush, like Hitler, was not stopped by the greatest defeat to US diplomacy since the founding of the UN. Hitler was never concerned about the hate and condemnation he generated in people's hearts. Bush hopes to surpass the Teuton. The mass demonstrations without precedent on the face of the planet are war-drums to Bush's Wagnerian ears. He is faced with the spirit of Seattle which, in 1999, founded the most important pacifist, anti-globalisation movement of all time. Nothing stops him.It was outrageous to see the rudeness meted out to the UN chief of inspectors, Hans Blix: a man with 75 years on his back, born in frozen yet wonderful Uppsala in social-democratic Sweden, an honourable follower of the democratic traditions passed down by the martyr Olof Palme.Disdain for people and their rights is the driving force behind their "humanism". Listen to Marshall Goering in the Nuremberg trials: "It is natural for the common people to not want war but, after all, it is a country's leaders who determine policy and it is an easy matter to convince the people. Whether they have a voice or not, the people can always be made to do what their rulers wish. It's easy. All you have to do is tell them they are under attack and condemn the pacifists for their lack of patriotism and for exposing their country to danger". It was Goering the Nazi who said this in 1945, not George Bush. The difference is that the Nazi said this in German and Bush says it in English. The invasion of a sovereign country that has not attacked you requires ethical though illicit legitimacy: toppling the tyrant Hussein and imposing a popular democratic government through blood and fire. It sounds nice, though the price to pay may go against the international community and its regulations. But this is not necessarily so. Nobody doubts that Saddam Hussein is an evil dictator who has murdered his own people and that there is nothing socialist about his Baath party. But who is going to believe that Bush is about to install an Iraqi democracy when his predecessors, less Nazi than he, have for years and years invaded and occupied sovereign nations and established ferocious dictatorships which they defended in the face of popular opposition; Somoza in Nicaragua, Duvalier in Haiti, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. Just like the despotic, puppet regimes which the Nazis imposed on the countries they occupied, including the anti-Gaullist France of Marshall Petain.Just as Hitler invaded Europe in search of his Lebensraum, for the purposes of territorial expansion, the urgent need for raw materials required for German growth and the construction of a new German empire that would avenge the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty, Bush is also looking for his own Lebensraum. A Lebensraum which, in today's globalised world, is no longer measured in terms of kilometres of physically occupied territory but in economic and political domination wielded from distant international financial centres.The objectives of the new Hitler are many. In the first place, to take over the gas tank of world capitalism, which is none other than the Persian Gulf. Bush knows full well that the oil produced by his country, the motor driving the production of the world economy, will inevitably be exhausted within 10 years. In 40 years there will be no more oil left on the planet. It's a race against time. According to the Statistical Review, the discovery of new energy reserves is falling off alarmingly. These have grown by only 5% in the last decade, compared to 45% in the decade before. Sixty-five per cent of the reserves are located in the Middle East. The US consumes 20 million barrels a day, compared to the 77 million produced each day throughout the world, of which only 10 million is produced by the North-Americans who therefore depend on the rest of the world so they can go on being an imperial power. The purpose of attacking Iraq, the world's second largest reserve of petroleum, is to control these deposits, control its price and control its production. It's nothing to do with hidden weapons or anything else. As Galeano says, if Iraq produced radishes instead of oil, who would even consider invading the country?For Bush, the oil is on a plate. All he has to do is take it. It's just that he just doesn't know how easily he could choke on it.Bush's second game plan is to discipline his ally Saudi Arabia, the world's number one oil producer and largest energy reserve, whose pricing policy is of little value to US interests. The third aim, as revealed by the undersecretary of state, John Bolton, last February, is to invade Iran and Syria, which together with North Korea form the "Axis of Evil". And, if winds are favourable, why not include Libya in the Holy of Holies? The fourth step is to destroy OPEC and control the world's fossil fuels. If it doesn't expropriate these and find alternatives in time, North-American capitalism will be forced to change its model of national consumption, and with it perhaps lose the fulcrum of its global hegemony. The fifth aim is the succulent bandwagon business of reconstructing Iraq, onto which are leaping many of the 500, mainly US, multinationals dominating the world. No less important is the sixth objective, which lives off the teachings of Lord Keynes; using the war industry to pull the US economy out of the deep zero-growth recession which it is in. Let's not forget that winning a war is not about imposing one's military supremacy over an adversary, but being able to reap the financial returns thereof, the reason why it was unleashed in the first place.I cannot help bringing up one last aim, which is perhaps the most important one of all in this war: imposing the supremacy of the dollar over the euro, which has recently been giving the dollar a thrashing on unexpected fronts, and threatened the privileged position of the US in the crude oil market. Over the last few months, the dollar has been falling in relation to the euro, some 17%, figures that would have been hard to believe when the single European currency was set up. Part of this fall is due to the Iraqi decision to transfer 10 billion dollars of its reserves to the common European currency. This is another reason to attack Iraq: to persuade a puppet government of its liking to return Iraq's 10 billion dollars to the dollar area. Russia is also operating in petroeuros, and Iran and several other OPEC countries are considering whether to abandon the dollar and adopt the euro. Should this happen, the economists believe that the dollar will go through an unwonted depreciation, US share prices will plunge, and will generally bring the clay-footed giant to the brink of a financial collapse similar to the one it went through in the 'thirties.The root cause of this invasion lies in the need to create a new redistribution of the planet's wealth after the failure of the triad accords (US, Europe and Japan) at the Paris OECD meeting in 1998, and the 1999 WTO meeting in Washington. No agreement was reached on how to share out a world market besieged by a diminished percentage of the Gross World Product, of which only 50% was in the hands of the triad and its multinationals at the end of the century. The inability of neoliberalism to maintain a maximum rate of exploitation of dependent nations, the fatigue and decadence of unipolar hegemony and the not-too-distant possibility of a world crisis which would transform today's arrogant domination into a tyranny in tatters, are the roots of this act of international piracy.Europe did not accept the terms of the share out and steamed ahead with the Euro. The US is responding with the subtlety of a bull. If it gets hold of the black lakes it will have as much cheap oil as it wants, while its allies will be forced to pay top dollar for a few drops, to the detriment of their economies.That's the war plan. The same reasons for economic dominance that threw Hitler in the arms of Mars, with a cry of "occupy, administer, exploit". From there to Bush actually accomplishing his mission is a long stretch. Especially when you bear in mind that the only one picking up the bill for this war is the US. The last invasion of Iraq, legitimised by the international community, was financed by all nations. This illicit invasion, a crime against humanity that challenges the civilised world, will be paid for solely by the US, with only a small percentage coming from the England of renegade Blair. And it's a lot of money. Enough to further destabilise the proud owner of the little machine used for printing dollars and sitting in the Department of the Treasury of the most highly indebted nation on the face of the planet: the United States of America.Once the real objectives had been drawn, Bush and his band of hawks patented the Nazi military strategy: the famous Blitzkrieg which the Nazis used to devastate Europe, lightning war combining attacks by whole divisions of Panzer tanks supported by waves of aircraft and artillery pieces. Times change and the Nazi blitzkrieg has become the US hyperblitzkrieg, but the style of fighting invented by Hitler's marshals is the same as that used by Bush, though with one thousand times greater firepower.Another similarity is the disproportion of forces. The Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, or Poland where the Polish cavalry facing German tanks was decimated beforehand by the planes. This was nothing compared to the infernal firepower of the most powerful technological meat-grinder in history. It's as if the Poles had been armed only with slingshots to defend themselves from Goering's Luftwaffe. In the first invasion of Iraq, the Iraqis suffered 120,000 casualties compared to 137 US dead and 7 missing in action. With the exception of Saddam's Republican Guard, the rest of the Iraqi army consists of starving peasants without training, technology or suitable weapons, all facing three hundred thousand soldiers who have been trained to kill with not a moment's hesitation.What can a country with a military budget of 1,400 million dollars do against another which has invested $400,000 million per annum in its armed forces? And as if that weren't enough, Bush has just asked for a further 75,000 million dollars in spare change for this massacre. In exchange he promises that the spoils of war will far exceed the initial investment involved.Before the slaughter began, the Iraqi army was bled in the same way as a bull is bled by the picadors when it goes into the bullring so that the bullfighter can have an easier job of it. A decade of economic sanctions, embargoes, a lack of spare parts, no planes, a limited number of tanks, few anti-aircraft batteries and an army equipped only with old AK-47 assault rifles, have driven the Iraqi bull on its knees. The bullfighter need only drive the sword down to the hilt and wait for the death throes.Bled though it may be, the latest news from the front indicates that the bull is ready to sell its life at a high price.The Viennese tramp-cum-prophet-of-the-Aryan-race, Adolf Hitler, plunged ahead showing no respect for mankind's treasures, destroying wondrous cities, assailing unrecoverable peoples and their culture and fabulous monuments created by the hand of man over the centuries.Acting like the chosen son, George Bush bursts into the cradle of mankind spitting blood and fire, Mesos Potamos as Iraq was called eight thousand years ago, the "land between the rivers", where the first state was created, the first agrarian civilisation flourished and cuneiform writing was invented. In the land of the legendary library of Niniveh, the Tower of Babel, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, between the Euphrates and the Tigris, Bush launches mercilessly into the first pre-emptive war of the 21st century.He will also have to answer for the cultural treasures he destroys. His homo demens will have to render account to homo sapiens. Just like Hitler was forced to succumb to history and his henchmen to the Nuremberg Trials.The US ambassador to Uruguay, in his communiqué to LA REPUBLICA, claims to be astounded by the comparison of his president to Hitler, explaining that what Bush is doing in Iraq is precisely what the US did when it liberated Europe from Nazism. I believe it is an insult to intelligence to compare the brilliant creator of the New Deal, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with this power-crazed lunatic who, in the name of ideals, kills ideals, and with people inside them still. Roosevelt went to war legitimised by all the nations then facing Nazi barbarity, first among them the Soviet people who offered up the lives of thirty million of their best men, women and children on the altar of the German Moloch, people who gave their lives to change the course of the war, till then victorious for the Third Reich.Bush is like Hitler, not Roosevelt. Bush violates all international law, challenges the United Nations and invades an almost disarmed nation that has at no time attacked it, just like Hitler.In any case, when you consider statements like the US liberating Europe or the heroic surrender of the lives of American soldiers in the war against the German Führer, it would be good to remember that the US entered the conflagration very late, almost at the end of the conflict, when Germany had been worn down by the Soviet resistance which, alone, faced 95% of the Nazi war machine ranged along the eastern front. The US was the only beneficiary of the Second World War. During and after the conflict. During, as Heinz Dieterich well describes in LA REPUBLICA, because it was able to develop its industry and agriculture far from the battlefields, which led to real income rising 27% between 1941 and 1945, generating seventeen million new jobs and, by 1944, offering its population more products and services than before the war.After the war it charged ten to one for its involvement. Yalta saw it rise to become the strongest power on the planet, shunting England to one side, though fearing the Soviet Union, its new historic counter-weight.And, though I say that it would be an insult to compare Bush to Roosevelt, we should also not confuse the Founding Fathers of American democracy, heroes of freedom such as Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, with this instructor of crime, a mobster of death, who is incapable of camouflaging the skulking gestures typical of cowards whenever he appears on television. Charles De Gaulle, the valiant rebel of anti-Nazi France, once asked the great philosopher Jean Guitton, "What is cowardice, master?". And the source of wisdom replied, "Cowardice, General, is seeking approval and not the truth, decorations and not honour, promotion and not service, power and not the health of humanity". How well would our new Hitler, who claims to defend the human rights of the Iraqi people while he specialises in making them human waste, do against this measure?How can we be surprised by this behaviour in a leader who refuses to save the planet from devastation and sign the Kyoto protocols, unanimously approved by the international community. A leader who has rejected bacteriological arms control because he believes that agreeing to prevent the proliferation of these arsenals would be prejudicial to his country. A leader who demands that independent countries sign a document in which they relinquish their right to judge US citizens for crimes committed abroad. A leader who refuses to sign up to and take part in the International Criminal Court, recently created by the world community to judge crimes against humanity. This rejection of an institution approved by more than 190 countries, with only 7 against, coincides with the similar rejection by recently invaded Iraq, who also did not want to see an International Criminal Court made up of 18 independent lawyers that could legally hinder the continued presence of war crimes, committed by both the US and Iraq.What do you expect from a leader who in his own country, the cradle of democratic tradition, has suspended civil rights, has introduced censorship, black lists, done away with habeas corpus (a right for which so many generations have given their lives), imposed clandestine trials, secret jails and made having an opinion a crime, taking his country back to the black night of the most backward McCarthyism.Against all odds, in the middle of a huge intellectual void in American society, he has created a silent majority in favour of the horrors of war, a state of mind driven by disinformation, his method being to distort reality and play on the legitimate pain of the criminal attack on the Twin Towers—which cut down the lives of four thousand human beings— and a nationalism intentionally whipped up by this hypocrite in the White House. Nationalism and false patriotism are other links which unite Bush and Hitler. This form of nationalism is the scoundrel's last refuge and thrives on ignorance.Albert Einstein described it well: "Nationalism is a children's disease, the measles of mankind".However, a people's movement is beginning to rise up, from the feet up, from the roots, in the best civic traditions of the American people. People are standing up in the large cities, driven by the moral certainty created by common sense, an attempt to halt this serial murderer as he unleashes the greatest warmongering injustice of the last few decades.Though slowly at first, the American people are beginning to understand that "freedom can not be brought into existence by people whose brows are stained with blood".Who will have the guts to stop this psychopath? It's a question the whole planet is asking itself.The United Nations could not. Nor could NATO. The European allies were snubbed and humiliated.However, from the depths of history itself, the antidote is beginning to brew. All empires and their prophets have moved from victory to victory to their final downfall. And this empire and its emperor, who care so little for winning the hearts and minds of the world's nations, who is deaf or feigns dementia in the face of the immense rebellion of common sense, in the face of this resounding howl rising from the exasperated throats of the multitudes that have taken to the streets throughout the world clamouring for peace and an end to the slaughter, will, in the end, have no other choice but to accept that the winner of this crusade will be left picking through the ruins.Men like Bush believe that crimes are easily swept under the carpet. Wrong. They come back to haunt us.People are sick of violence. Sick of petty vendettas that pitch groups against one another. They want to see an end to the days of murderers. And if they are led up the garden path, they will react.The sinister dialogue between master and slave nearly always ends in the ferocity of the slave as he has nothing to lose. Spartacus dixit.The protests in every corner of the planet do not cease. There has never been an empire so lacking in support as the one today incarnated by this power freak.But this immense world movement against Bush, only comparable to the world movement against Hitler, has one thing in its favour: the classic cockeyed view of the new messiahs which prevents them from clearly seeing the truth. To be cockeyed is a vicious condition of the eyes where the two visual axes can not hold the same subject at the same time. Reality is then distorted.The murmur of millions can then become the weapon that stops this madness.We need not fear these giants who ignore the laws of history. They use cunning more than intelligence, sending them back to the age of dinosaurs, those gigantic animals who developed an enormous body, and a minuscule head. When disaster struck their small heads were incapable of inventing the necessary mutation. Mosquitoes had no trouble.There's a German saying referring to Hitler which says, "when you see a giant, first look at the position of the sun, make sure you're not looking at the shadow cast by a dwarf". We still cannot say how much of the giant and how much of the dwarf there is in our new Hitler.Remember Gandhi, that moral incendiarist who alerted our consciences. Just his voice and peaceful bearing brought the greatest empire of its age to its knees.Gandhi used to say that the most appalling thing about the evil deeds perpetrated by evil people was the silence of good people. Today, this silence does not exist.At the beginning of the 21st century, all nations, rich or poor, whether governed by the right or by the left, everyone, everyone, with the exception of those living in the land of the aggressor—who are only now beginning to awaken from their slumber—, are aware that war as an irrational crusade is capable of changing mankind. We know that unjust war is a catastrophe which stunts the possibility of man discovering his humanity. We join our planetary hands to tell the hired assassin in the White House that there is a life and a breed of man less sordid than he, and that we are ready to stand up and defend it. This is my reply, Mr Ambassador. Dr. Federico Fasano Mertens, editor of LA REPUBLICA.Montevideo, Uruguay, 30 March 2003